Clock Tower

The Clock Tower of Tamalpais High School

For 70+ years, this clock had NOT kept time for any length of time. As 1st Vice President - Major Giving of Tam's Alumni Association, Bill Sefton, '61 convinced - which was not hard to do - his President, George Cagwin, '56 and fellow board members to fix Tam's clock once and for all. The problem: The original design called for 1 motor and set of gears and axles to drive the 3 clock faces. The torque was just too great and before long, the gears would strip and the clocks stopped working. So, we installed 3 brand new, state-of-the-art, clocks for each of the 3 sides.  Thank you Ian MacCartney's Lumichron of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  (Ian's standing on top of the tower; Christmas Break, 2013.)

To pay for it, our Fund Raiser Campaign focused on Participation:  If 3,000 alumni, community leaders, and Mill Valley residents gave $ 10 apiece....

Tam's Class of 1947 first installed the clocks as a Class Gift to memorialize the Tam students and alumni that lost their lives fighting in World War II.