Class Reunion Schedule

Tamalpais High School Reunion Schedule Updates

Class Reunion Organizers should seriously consider having their weekend be the Back To Tam Day weekend, at the beginning of the school year, towards the end of August. (2018 it was August 25th). In the morning the Alumni Association sponsors a 'Cleanup Day' in the morning with a free BBQ and can provide a tour of the inside of the buildings for your Class in the early afternoon. Weather is historically the best and most predictable: Warm with little chance of rain or fog.

Who organizers the Class Reunions? Those who want one, select a date, and start searching for classmates. More often than not, the Leaders Now are the not the same Leaders during our high school years.

*****"Mill Valley Kid's" Annual August Reunion*****

Annually on a Saturday in August; Old Mill Park - Redwood Grove

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